Best Knee Pads for Biking

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Biking Knee Pads

bicycle knee pads review

Basketball calls for basketball shorts, swimming requires swim trunks, and biking needs helmets, elbow pads and knee pads. Just like any other sport where it requires physical involvement, biking also comes with its own specific gear. Aside from the typical polyester shirts and Lycra shorts, biking gear focuses on the safety of the rider, and one of those is a pair of knee pads.

Whether it is for city biking or mountain biking, bikers need to wear proper pads so that they will not strain their knees or accidentally scrape them. It is even more essential to wear when biking will be done in rough terrain such as dirt roads and rocky mountains.

With the recent increase in popularity of lightweight knee pads, the following list of the best pads for biking will also include some of these new products. For those who are looking for the best knee pads for biking, listed below are some of the best products for biking.

POC VDP Air Knee Pads

POC is a gear company that provides some of the best protection products and they have constantly put out quality knee pads such as the VDP Air Knee Pad now available in the market. Starting at around $80, it is a worthy investment, especially if safety is a biker’s top priority. Just like many lightweight pads, they are relatively lighter than most knee pads which make riding more comfortable. But what makes this product popular with customers is its flexibility. Better movement while being properly protected is what bikers should be looking for in knee pads.

IXS Flow Knee

Although the purpose of purchasing lightweight pads is it to be light, the IXS Flow Knee is relatively heavier than most lightweight pads. However, they are still lighter than regular ones. Silicon grippers and Velcro straps make this product firm and riders won’t have to experience the uncomfortable feeling of their pads riding up or falling off. It offers great support and provides protection for the knees during biking.

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7idp Transition Mountain Bike Knee Pad

The only product that is not in the lightweight category, the 7idp Transition Mountain Bike Knee Pad focuses on providing proper ventilation for the knee. When biking, the back of the knee tends to be the part of the leg that sweats the most. Wearing something to cover the knee pad would make it even more prone to sweat and heat will build up, causing an uncomfortable feeling. However, this particular knee pad allows better ventilation than other biking gear, giving enough breathing air for the skin. As for its safety, this product has a firm grip and comes thicker to provide better protection.

Although there are a lot of quality knee pads available for purchase, the list of products mentioned above will be a great start for beginners and professionals alike. Bikers should never risk protection when it comes to biking just to save a couple of bucks. These products are worth every penny and more.

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